各位Office ladies,又到了學嘢的時間,上次蕭叔叔教你的職場卸膊英文,你仲記得幾多?(按此回顧上集) 下集當中,除了學英文表達,更可學下講話的藝術…… 立即去片!



· 「上一手同事都係咁做喎!」

Well I’m sure our usual practice is not the only possible way of doing things, but it has been tried and has proved to be quite effective in the past. So I wouldn’t be tempted to throw away our past practice unless there’s a very good reason that points to the contrary.



· 「我怕俾人話我搶埋人哋啲嘢做喎!」 

This is something that Alan would be more interested in. I’m sure he’ll appreciate it if you go and talk to him first.



· 「我無去過開會喎。」 

Very unfortunately, I haven’t attended any of those meetings. If you want an answer I think you should talk to those who have.