Hearing Test-覆Sad Mama

Hearing Test-覆Sad Mama

Dear Expert,

My son now is 2.5 months old, and he did the hearing test at the health
center twice before, but he failed the test in both visits.

Then he is referred to do the hearing test again in the ?pecialty of
hearing?today, but the specialist says his test result is not satisfactory
(failed again). The test result is quite vary, at some point it is passed,
but at some point it is failed. So the specialist says my baby need to
go through another more detailed test.

The next test will require him to take medicine so he can be in a deep
sleep mode, and he needs to sleep on the bed during the test. The test
will directly test with his brain reaction, aiming to determine whether
he is weak in hearing. The nurse told me around 50% of kids referred by
the health center may need to go through this kind of detailed test when
they are failed in the normal hearing test.

Can you tell me is it very common among kids of going through this kind
of detailed test?? And what causing kids of having hearing problem?? And
what is the % among kids of having hearing problem?

p.s. I? so sure my son can hear cox he can hear the dog bark/ or the
sound if I close the door.

Pls advice!! Thank you!

Fr Sad Mama

Sad Mama,

The hearing test for newborn is a kind of screening test. Screening test
means the test would find out those at risk for further investigations.
So, most patients would proven to be normal and only some of them need
real treatment. Even further investigation showing failure result, most
of them should be mild to moderate in nature. Example: High-tone hearing
loss that affects little to normal live and conversation. In Hong Kong,
around 10% of people have certain hearing problem and only 1-3% have hearing
problem need hearing acid to continue normal life.

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