EDM SpecificationsBack



  • Maximum width must be no larger than 600 pixels
  • Vertical layout over the horizontal is preferable
  • Landing URL required



  • Static images (GIF, PNG, JPG) only
  • Animated Gifs are not recommended
  • No rich format element (Flash, Video)
  • Graphic text is not recommend for paragraphs



  • Use <TABLE> tag to format the eDM with multiple images, and use [style="display:block"]
  • For each image block to prevent extra space when display at Gmail or Hotmail
  • HTML saved from MS Office will not accept
  • Keep the smallest font size not less than 11pt
  • No Background image
  • No CSS (external link)
  • No Javascript (external link or embedded)
  • No <FORM>
  • No <IFRAME>
  • No Image Maps
  • No Bookmark anchor


File Size

Image size (JPG/GIF/PNG) 300KB
HTML size 400KB (includes HTML and Image files)