Still was about my ex – 覆Udon


To cut a long story short.
We met each other on the net and finally became an item. He was in Europe
while I was in HKG. We had a LD relationship for 18 months until April
99. The reasons we broke up were: physical distance and he told me he
wasn't ready to get married yet. He had plans to move over to be with

neither did we know when and whether we would end up being together for
real. I've not been in another relationship while he met someone 6 months
after we split and his company happened to send him over to be with her.
We still write emails to each other from time to time, whenever he mentioned
about his gf (not in specific details), I realized I still miss him so
much that it hurts.

If you were me, would you still keep in touch with him? I tried to stop
writing to him but he would always write like one month later and asked
me if I received his email blah blah blah.


Dear Udon ︰






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