He is not a virgin – 覆Michelle

Hi Zita,

Zita, I really need comments
from you. I have been very confused ever since this incidence happened.

I've been with my boyfriend for two years. When I first went out with
him, he implicitly/explicitly told me that he was a virgin. But few
months later,

I found out that he was not. He had a sexual relationship with his friend
for quite a while before we became boyfriend and girlfriend. I was very
sad when I found this out. But I could not tell him the truth since I
read his old emails.

His friend was very in love with him before. That was why she would do
anything to please him. But they never became boyfriend/girlfriend but
they always hung out together. They lost contact about a year ago. Recently,
I found out that he used a fake name to icq to that girl pretending he
does not know her. I do not understand why he is doing this?

Do you think he misses her? Do you think he wants to get back with that
girl and cheat on me? I am really confused. I trusted him so much, but
every time he broke my trust on him. I have lost all my trust on him.
Should I ask him about it (both the sexual relationship and the icq)?

On the other hand, he treats me very good. He is the perfect boyfriend.

With Love,

Very Confusing Michelle

Dear Michelle︰



既然已是perfect boy friend,好不好容許他留一些秘密?




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