Dump him – 覆Amanda

Hi Zita,

I met my boyfriend 2 years ago
in one party. After that, we often chat and he called me everyday. Both
of us felt happy when we were together, so we had sexual relationship
1 year ago. He still took good care of me after that, gave me a call
everyday, but we didn't chat any more. 2 months ago, I asked him about
our future, he told

me there is no future. The
only thing he can do is to love me, support me and make me happy. If
he can't make me happy, he will leave. Recently, he didn't call me every
day, moreover, he didn't send me e-mail. When I called him up, and asked
him why I didn't get any information from him, he said, 'Sorry, I was
too busy.' and hang up quickly. I feel he doesn't love me as before.

What shall I do? Dump him? But I love him so much.

Thanks in advance.



Dear Amanda︰







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