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Hi Zita,

Hi, I am writing coz I feel
lost. My boyfriend and I have been together for 1.5 year. He is 7 years
older than me. He's working already, but I am still a student only.
We are only an online couple. We haven't met each other in real person
yet, but we have decide to meet this X'mas. Through the past yr that
we've spent together, we talked on the phone every night. We have never
meet coz I live in Vancouver while he lives in Toronto.

I have
asked him to come to Vancouver for a few times, however, his replies
every time are, "I'm busy, maybe I'll give you a surprise.….."
Then he would joke it off, and change the topic. Of course, I doubt
he will give me any surprise because he's too busy for his job and his
family. I'm always place at the very bottom of his list.

he finishes all his work, and all his matters with his family and he
doesn't want to sleep yet, he will remember me, and he'll probably spend
a little bit time with me.

always so nice to me, but I dunno whether he really cares about me or
not, coz whenever we hv (have) any arguements (arguments), I am always
the one to apologize and talk to him again. He always make me wait for
him days and night, and when he finally finds me, he would only spend
10 minutes talking to me.

week, when his mom needed to stay in the hospital, I made a gift for
her. However, my bf didn't even show it to his mom. I guess he doesn't
want this type of relationship to be known by his family.

Am I
too greedy that I am asking too much? Or does he really care/love me?
I feel like I don't hv (have) the rights to ask him to come to Vancouver
again coz I'm only an online gf. I can't provide anything for him at
all. Should I continue on with this relationship? Or I should let him


Dear Adaptation︰

你的自我定位是正確的︰你只是他的on-line girlfriend。







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