What am I do to his career? – 覆Luvgigi


My long-d (long distance) relationship has been
lasting for almost 9 months, I am still studying but I will graduate
in 2002. I think my bf (boyfriend) is the right one for me because he
cares me a lot (calling me every night)…... and we get along very well
too (in other aspects)......

However, I really worry
about his future (career) because he has been working in his existing
position for 6 years, but this job's salary is not enough especially
if he gets married. I tried to tell him implicitly that it's time to
up-grade himself and get another job since he's 25 rite now. Getting
a diploma takes him 2 yrs at least and then he needs time to get to
a higher position after he changes to another career. By the time he
gets to an idea paid position, it will be at least 5 years later, so
I think it's time to start his learning now.

Unfortunately, he said he's
not a determined and ambitious person, so he doesn't seem to have a
heart to pursue further learning (except talking about general idea
without definite time when to start). Moreover, he likes to "play"
more than anything else, so I really don't know what I can do to encourage
him to start his learning.


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