Should I wait for him? – 覆Eliza


I met a guy through friends at Karaoke last month and then that guy
gave me calls and dated me afterwards. At first, I think he's treating
me as an ordinary friend. I found that he didn't want to be friends
with me only as he called me every night.

He invited
me to his home and watched his favourite (favorite) TV programme (program)
together and I did go as I had feelings towards him. We've been out
for several times.

Later, he said
he wanna to develop with me in the future. But I rejected him as I knew
that he has a girlfriend (4 years relationship) and I didn't want to
hurt her gf (girlfriend). He said he's going to break up with her because
he's unhappy with her for a long time. I asked him not to find me until
he's separated with her gf (girlfriend). He said he would but it takes
some time and asked me to wait for him. Should I wait for him? Can he
be trust?

He really doesn't call me now, neither email. I am so unhappy because
I do really wanna see him in fact. Should I call him?

I look forward
for your reply.


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