【eat 飛 love】成田機場神奇安檢



安檢是再正常不過的事?因此我們到日本才會這麼安心?神奇的事要發生了。如果你忘記帶passport 或沒有任何身分證明文件,別擔心啊。善良的警察先生會叫你寫個名,便會放過你了。喜歡寫什麼名字都可以。寫個香港人最熟悉的 ─ 吉村春代子,反正你也沒有什麼可以證明你不是春代子小姐吧。

如果你有三十人同行,但只有一個人帶了passport,當然也沒問題。有兩個英語單字會幫到你。「Together. We. Together. Together」這樣說數遍,友善的警察又會放過你了,還會跟你道謝。




Amazingly Ridiculous

I probably visit Japan often enough to have noticed things that defy explanation, or even our common sense. So let’s put aside my in-flight insane experiences for a while, and focus on my interesting encounters in Japan. It’s about the security check of Narita Airport today.

I still find it bemusing that tourists have to go through a security check to enter Narita Airport. The airport police get onto buses to check travellers’ passports or anything that can identify them. Fair enough? That’s why Japan is such a safe country? Here’s the puzzling, if not utterly ridiculous part: if you’ve left your passport at the hotel, or don’t even have your Hong Kong identity card with you, don’t panic. You will be asked to write down your name on a piece of paper. Just write Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber or Mother Fucking Jones and you will be totally fine. You don’t have anything that proves you are no M.F Jones, do you?

If there are thirty people travelling with you, and you happen to have only one passport, it’s apparently okay, too. Just say in English several times, “together, we, together, together.” Trust me, the police will really let you go.

The police will also, ostensibly, check the luggage in the boot for about, one second. They open the door of the boot, do the Japanese style pointing, close it immediately and say “ありがとうございます” (Thank you very much). Killed someone and suddenly wanna go for a walk with the body at the airport? Make sure you keep your new “companion” safe and sound in your suitcase. What can they see in one second anyway? Carrying some bombs with you? Feel free to put an enormous sticker that says B.O.M.B in English on your bags. As long as it’s in English, the police can’t care less!

Many thanks to the Narita Airport Police for perpetuating this very smart security check system every day to make Japan the safest place in the world!