NLP course – 覆John

Miss Cheung,

Hello! My name is Mike Kwok of age 19. I plan to apply for your course in August.

I am an A-Level repeater who intend to apply associate degree of applied psychology of City U since I predict my result is not good enough to enter U. My past AL result was C in English, D in both Chinese and Business Studies, U in Econ.

After I first knew about NLP from you in the ATV program, I was very impressed to have

such a tool that can enhance one's EQ, AQ, interpersonal relationship, communication skill an (and) so on. Then I read your book "自信你可以" . In it I knew more about you and NLP. I was so amazed and delighted to know that how NLP can change one旧 life so deeply. At that moment, I resolved to study your diploma course.

I am now reading two NLP books written by 李中塋 and 賴柏諭 to deepen my knowledge about it to prepare for your class.

I have some questions to ask you:

1. Any student of my age took your course before? Can they learn much even there are so young? Can they get along with other senior classmates?

2. How many people in each class?

3. Do you open NLP practitioner and applied psychology class? Will I be too young to take these courses even if I perform well in the diploma course?

4. Any follow-up activities after the course ends like gathering to share our experience after learning NLP and seek advice with you? How often?

5. What are the major problems participant face (career/love/relation) which motivate them to learn NLP from you?

6. With so many participants with different problems and needs, how can you satisfy them equally to make sure each one of them is cared?