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Dear Ms. Cheung,

I really like reading your articles, which posted on the website of she.com. They always inspire and encourage me a lot. I would like to take this chance and say thank you for you.

I am a Hong Kong student, majoring in Finance and Operation Management, currently studying in an university of the United State. I am planning to graduate this December 2006. Many of the oversea students here are willing to work in the US; however, the opportunity for international students is low. Unless, you got a high GPA or some special talents.

The problems I am concerning about are my GPA, which is not high and I don't really have any working experiences related to finance as I am in hurry to my graduation. Therefore, I am still considering whether I should stay or leave. As you know, living in the US can cost you a lot in expenses. Furthermore, it takes time. That means, it can be double lose if you are not fortunate enough to find a job here.

If I choose to come back to HK immediately after my graduation, I would like to work in Banking and Finance field. I know that the financial planner job is hit right now in HK and it may has lots of potential to develop as personal career in the future. Now, I am considering whether I should take an online CFP program here (besides my regular semester study) for the sake of lacking working experiences and not outstanding in academic performance. I was thinking if I take the CFP before my graduation, I can get advantage and outstand myself from the competitors during the interview when I come back to HK. But the program is quite expensive and it may affect as I can not concentrate on my regular study. Moreover, lots of banks provide training on CFP if they hire you.

My questions are:

1. Should I stay in the US to looking for jobs?

2. Should I concurrently taking the online CFP program right now in the US? Or I should try to interview in HK first?

3. Can you tell me more details in the characters of the financial planner's job in HK (beside selling insurance and investment products)? What's the expected salary of an oversea student for the entry-level job?

4. Which institution would you prefer to work for? Commercial/retail Bank? Investment bank? Insurance company? Private financial company?

Thanks so much for your time. Your advices and suggestion are highly appreciated.






如果你正擔心 GPA 成績不高,那麼現在應先努力讀書,以提高 GPA 的分數為首要目標。


在這裡,我不會為你分析應在美國工作,還是回港發展;又或是應否進修 CFP ,或加入那一種金融機構。反而我想教你一種思考決策方式。


如果決定做 A ,會有甚麼結果?

如果不做 A ,會有甚麼結果?

如果決定做 A ,不會產生什麼結果?

如果不做 A ,不會產生什麼結果?



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