she.com media kit

ad unit > she promotes (expandable)
user experience:
  • the expaned panel will be displayed over the original media space, and extended to the right and bottom areas
  • expand panel can be initiated by mouseover, user-click or auto expand
  • auto expand limited to 5 seconds before closing
  • dimensions: original panel : 125 x 125 pixels
    expandable panel : 250 x 250 pixels max.
    accepted file types: swf (flash 8 with backup gif), gif, jpg
    file size: original panel : 20k (backup gif: 20k)
    expandable panel : 50k
    additional spec.: occurs only at she.com homepage
    audio: not permitted
    video: not permitted
    flash spec:
  • click-through functions must use the "Get URL" command
  • for detailed specs and information on building this into your flash creative, click here.
  • hardcoded URLs are not allowed.

  • last updated on: 30-sept-2011